Friday, February 27, 2009

Karczma, Brooklyn

This gem in the neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn captured my heart recently. I was here with my friend Al on a Tuesday night, who lives in the 'hood but never went. What a nice surprise! This place existed even before the talk about "recession". For $3.50 Laffe ($5 draft in the biggiest pint you'd ever see... at least in NYC) and all the excellent hearty Polish fares that are all extremely reasonably priced, I will actually come out to your birthday party this year -here.
Steak Tartar($6.50). Salmonella? E Coli? Or both served raw? Nah, just good old ground beef(appears to be house ground) dressed with capers, onions, cornichons, mushrooms + soy sauce, olive oil, salt and pepper! (I also suggest requesting a bottle of Tabasco, as I did) You season, and mix it yourself. time, I'm going to ask for ketchup and mayonnaise as well (add just a touch, please). I know, it may sound strange, but that's a recipe from a prestigious kitchen where I've been in, and trust me. However, this may be a confusing/ scary dish for some of you. Then don't even try. Just totally miss out on one of the best, simple, and delicious dish a cow can ever offer you.

Plate Of Polish Specialties($10) comes with samples of Pierogis, Potato Pancakes, Polish Kielbasa, Hunter’s Stew and Stuffed Cabbage. I vote for Hunter's Stew and Kielbasa ...though the potato pancakes and Pierogis were excellent, too. The portions here are big, or at least to me and my friend. (I thought I was a big eater, though) If you're munching and drinking beer, this might even be good enough for 2 people. But if you're hungry, DON'T miss the appetizers. No, get a couple of them, at least. I know it may sound gross(again?), but I am curious about their blood sausage. I've been told that high blood pressure runs in my family, so I might as well enjoy it while I still can. Oh, one more thing. This place is not vegan. I promise.

Go for cheap beer (Laffe! Laffe!). Stay for really excellent food.

Karczma 136 Greenpoint Ave. Brooklyn, NY

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